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Adventure Week

A fun break at French Riding Holidays for those with an intrepid spirit.
Built for a group of friends for as many days as you wish.
Good idea for a birthday or celebration.
The break is customised depending on weather but do come and enjoy. Everything is light hearted, and nothing is compulsory… try as much or as little as you like.

Our most challenging rides such as ‘Cointreau’ mountain on the Druhle ride, a 3km canter through the forest ..

A competition on our TREC course .. The brave are marked on each of the obstacles, such as the Sbend, opening and shutting the gate, ducking under the low branch, step up, step down, walking over the log, walking over the tarpaulin, rein back, and the figure of 8. Plus of course trying out the jumps on the Cross country course, and a judgement on your Control of Paces. We always get smiling faces on the fantastic gallop back up to the Mas De Clamouze.

How are you at map reading?! An Orienteering day ride. The intrepid riders take it in turns to lead the ride during the day. The lead rider amongst other things, has to judge the terrain, and checks how the rest of the group are doing (no lost stirrups!). Derek is always on hand to give advice and no he wont let the group get too lost. The riders are marked for their ride leadership ability.

Bring out your inner childish spirit getting ready for Pony Club games .. Dress you and your pony up .. Plaiting, flowers, hats, capes, any props allowed .. Who looks most like their pony? Teams compete on the bending race, putting cups on poles, using a cup to fill up a bucket with water, and picking out apples from buckets of flour, or any other nonsense that we can think up.

Try your hand at Horseball a la FRH. The experts can pick up the football (with a leather handles attached) from the floor at canter .. We take it a little more easily than that! Pass or throw the ball around the team, before going for goal.

For the really brave, we can organise a trail to Brandonnet and Camping in the beautiful Vialade field where we provide tents, sleeping bags and a “great fire” set up by Derek. Sit at the picnic table with a glass of wine, by the trout stream, watching the horses grazing, the birds flying, surrounded by forest and fields. A little piece of heaven.

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