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Tournhac Day Rally Ride

A local day out for a traditional french experience.

Join us for one of our favourite days of the year

Runs on the 3rd Sunday in June..
This break is normally done as part of a longer stay at FRH  

Set off from Mas De Clamouze to our local village Tournhac for coffees, and a light breakfast, and pick up the map. Join the other cavaliers (normally around 60-70 on horseback), walkers and bikers on a route for around 30km.  

New paths opened up every year, so the route varies around the beautiful countryside. But is centred around the area we know very well so we can suss out the new canters!  

A casse-croute (snack break) half way through the morning, with local wines, cheeses, cold meats, fruit, bread, cakes, a chance to stretch legs, before setting off again for more canters!  

A second casse-croute with more snacks and kir, late morning.  

Drop the horses off in a local field, and walk up to the marquee to have a lunch with 300 locals, with a bar, and more food! Local sausages, salad, aligote, which is like a whipped cheesy mash, and ice creams… Of course more local wines, some eau-de-vie (watch out it is the local clear spirit distilled in the village!!)

Transport back to the Mas De Clamouze and recover with a snooze or a swim!

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