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Maleville Rally Ride with Mini Trail


A perfect Easter break! Set off on Easter Sunday, ride the Rally on Monday, return back to Mas De Clamouze on the Tuesday
This break is normally done as part of a longer stay at FRH

Day 1 Set off from the Mas De Clamouze on the famous Druhle ride one of more challenging rides with many canters, including the 3km canter mountain. Rest the horses whilst having a delicious lunch at a delightful local restaurant with many french specialities. Another good afternoons ride to Maleville where we leave the horses in field overnight and we transport you back to Mas De Clamouze for drinks and dinner. (Around 25km riding).

Day 2 The Rally De Maleville
Join in a french fun day of riding with around 70 other horse riders, plus walkers and cyclists. We follow a new map and route each year, with many canters and beautiful views. The ride is normally 30km, and has breaks on the way .. A ‘casse-croute’ with drinks, fresh local fruits, breads, cheeses and snacks. We ride as a group, and are well known to the locals .. Plus our horses are known for their fitness ! The day finishes with a leisurely afternoon lunch in the salle de fete with around 300 locals. The lunch is prepared by a local restaurant. Again the horses are left in a field overnight and we transport you back to the Mas De Clamouze for drinks and supper.

Day 3 Set off from Maleville to return to Mas De Clamouze. The ride has many canters by the sides of fields, and takes you via the pretty village of Peyrusse le Roc. We provide saddlebag snacks so you can have a fast ride home. Celebratory dinner and fizz when you return! (Around 25km riding)

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