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Favourite Menu ! Homemade from the Pizza Ovens for Lunch and Raclette for Dinner ...

Bridgets Birthday Cake
  • Bridgets Birthday Cake
  • Bloody Mary Soup
  • Canapes Cheese Gougeres and Devils on Horseback
  • Aveyronese Flaming Duck on the Grill
  • Fruitcake Roquefort and Port
  • Gammon and Hot Pepper Jelly
  • Hummus and Crudite
  • Mincemeat and Apple Tart
  • Mulled Cider
  • Chocolate Cream Cake
  • Canapes for Christmas Eve
  • Menu for New Years Day
  • Homemade Pesto Bread
  • Smiley Pickled Eggs
  • Tomatoes Mozarella Basil and Balsamic
  • Pizza and Raclette menu
  • 18th Chocolate Birthday Cake
  • Seafood Pizza
  • Ice cream menu
  • Christmas Canapes and Fizz!
  • Cupcakes for Jenny
  • Smoked Duck and Mushroom Pizza
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Prawn Madras